Insurance advice and risk tips for teachers

Self-employed teachers: we salute you. Battling through blank expressions, striving for light bulb moments, and inspiring understanding where previously there was none. Great feeling when it all clicks, too. But it’s a big responsibility. And sadly, that great feeling can dissipate pretty quickly if you’re accused of negligence. Claims from unhappy parents (and their kids), … Read more

What do in the aggregate and any one claim mean?

You’ve taken the plunge and are about to buy your first business insurance policy. However, that confident professionalism is dented slightly when you find yourself facing a choice between two things you’ve never heard of before: insurance that’s either ‘any one claim’ or ‘in the aggregate’. Here’s how we helped just such a confused customer. PolicyBee: Hello client. How … Read more

Do I need public liability insurance?

Most slips, trips, and falls result in nothing but blushing and stifled giggles. But now and again, someone really hurts themself. And if they say it’s your fault, they could sue you. Then the laughter will stop pretty quickly. The same goes if you accidentally damage something that’s going to cost money to repair or … Read more

Photography equipment insurance in focus

In the same way that a case and lens cap protect your camera, so the right photography equipment insurance protects your business. You rely on your kit as much as your skill in operating it to do your job, and a smashed DSLR or missing flashgun can spell instant trouble. Replacing gear at short notice … Read more